Ordinary National Diploma (OND) of the Bolmor Polytechnic is a two (2) year course for full-time students of the Polytechnic and for part time, it is a three (3) year course; thereafter you go for Student Work Experience Programme(SWEP) in a registered and related company. Our OND is recognised within and outside Nigeria.
The following are the courses we offer in our Ordinary National Diploma (OND) programme:

    • Electrical/Electronics Engineering

The School of Engineering has a focus on innovation, analysis and development within a wide range of advanced engineering technologies.

    • Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering focuses on the design, analysis and application of computers and on their applications as components of systems.

    • Computer Science

Our information systems courses provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand and analyse what businesses want from their information systems.

    • Statistics and Mathematics

The department’s goals are to acquaint students with the role played in science and technology by probabilistic and statistical ideas and methods.

    • Business Administration and Management

Business Administration is the process of managing workers and allocating resources efficiently and effectively by applying microeconomic principles.